Seer is an intuition-based card duel game. The aim is to defeat the Evil by bringing our extraordinary human skills to surface.

Imagine our planet, as with faith, intelligence, persistence, luck and physical skills intuition becomes available for all of us in a form of everyday use, which starts a spiritual change on Earth, making our life better. In today's increasingly esoteric world people are concerned about our ancestors' legacy more and more. With the help of the regained intuition ability we may discover talents, have a clear picture of what 'Extra Sensory Perception' means and may ensure a better future for mankind.

This game can be a key, an opportunity if you use it in the right keyhole. Together we are able to make our dreamworld come true! Concentrate, listen to your inner voice, defeat your enemies, complete your quests and write your glorious name in the !

Let's see the details. The main aim is to anticipate which figure the big card with face downwards will show. Your success and concentration is supported by powerful symbols on the back of the card. You'll see 5 different cards at the bottom on the screen. The correct solution is always one of these figures. You have 25 attempts to make, of which the successful ones will give your final result. You'll see another, smaller card also with face downwards on the left of the big card. This is the card of your opponent showing his/her choices. If you manage to make more hits, you will defeat your opponent, be given a new rank thus you'll be able to challenge a new one. If you two make the same hits, your opponent will be the winner automatically. Due to high variation number you are not able to go beyond a certain level without your sixth sense.

Your efficiency is reflected in your record, your level and also in your completed quests. Quests can be split into sub-quests and considered as complete if all subquests are successfully completed. You start a quest from the Quests window, but note the system marks your completed quests even if they have not been completed on purpose. There are 3 kinds of quests:

  • you have to defeat a certain number of opponents
  • you need to perform a certain number of successful hits within any of the completed duels
  • you need to avoid having successful hits within a given number of attempts

Quests make the game even more colourful and exciting also they help ranking players with identical records (based on their fulfilled quests.) is a webpage to view records. You can upload a record from your smartphone exclusively using the 'Upload record' button on the Quests page.